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Algernon Blackwood's
The Damned

A pretentious skeptic and his free spirited sister comfort a childhood friend in a deserted and possibly haunted hotel after the death of her religiously zealous husband.


After years in an underground bunker, four survivors learn that earth's radiation levels are now livable, but what's waiting outside is a terror beyond belief.

the red dot

A starving film student is offered millions of dollars to assassinate his favorite Hollywood icon and accepts the job in order to fund his first film.


A group of college students work on an organic farm for the summer, only to find themselves being stalked by a rapidly growing compost heap devouring everything in its path.

THE DRIP (short)

The first sequence in a planned anthology series features an internet rapper seeking to reignite his career by procuring customized jewelry on the cheap, only to discover he paid more than he planned.

These are just a few of nearly a dozen films that we have in various stages of development; our team is working hard to bring you the very best in low-budget entertainment.

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